Inspired by, “True Stories with…”, a sidebar conversation that Bunny would slide into to fill dead air during Burleoke and candid dressing room talk, Slutty Times is a weekly podcast where sapiosexual Captain Motorboat sates her innate curiosity on everything sex-related with the hilariously kinky, Tommy Gunn and the dangerously adorable Bunny Vicious.

Captain Motorboat – sapiosexual. demisexual. bisexual with lesbian leanings.

Captain Motorboat, is a fan of Dr. Ruth and cheeky columns ascribed to Sex in the City. Since her secondary school days, she has been piqued by the coded language surrounding sex and the myriad of rules that preclude an act that is deemed essential. This has become a mild obsession for her to investigate and study.

Tommy Gunn – leather enthusiast. gay.

Tommy Gunn is a dynamic staple to the Baltimore leather scene. With his hilarious antics and advocacy for safe and fun sex, Tommy is a delightful earful. His X-rated Tumblr is twiggystardust77.

Bunny Vicious – hedonist. poly/pan.

Dangerously adorable, Bunny Fucking Vicious is the owner of Bunns of Steele Productions, responsible for producing Rocky Horror Burlesque Show and Burl-eoke! Game show. She is a hedonist switch and housewife for hire who has recently fallen head over heels for latex fashion and modelling. Bunny will be wrestling in Baltimore’s fetish space as an event promoter.